Interesting Things

It’s been a while since I last posted anything. Here are some interesting articles I’ve seen over the last few weeks:

Kepler has found a lot of candidate planets!

The role of a gene in the level of aggression in mice. Interestingly, in Frontiers we’re going to look at some work by Caspi on genes for the MAOA protein, child abuse, and the propensity to develop abusive or anti-social behavior. I wonder if there is a connection here…

Nabokov was an avid butterfly expert. Now some of his ideas appear to be vindicated.

We just recently looked at laser diffraction in class and some of the quantum mechanical ideas underlying it. One of my students brought this article to my attention: meet the anti-laser.

And while we’re talking about quantum mechanics, a friend sent me word of this article a little while ago. Apparently there is evidence that birds’ are capable of sensitivity to very weak magnetic fields due to some molecule in their eyes that is capable of exhibiting quantum entanglement effects.

I want to talk about quantum erasers and delayed choice experiments, but I haven’t the time right now. Here are the wikipedia entries to whet your appetites:

1. Erasers

2. Delayed Choice


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