Climate Stuff

There are always tons of articles in the media and scientific literature coming out related to the Earth’s climate. Thus, whenever we cover the topic in Frontiers it’s always nice to point out what’s going on and being said “out there in the world”:

First up, what happens when state legislatures that don’t have the time or…I don’t know what…try to legislate how to approach the issue of climate change? Here is Utah’s attempt:

Utah, Legislating Global Warming

And, for an even more entertaining take on this, here is South Dakota’s:

South Dakota, Legislating Global Warming


Now, yes, I am putting this up here to make fun of these two states’ legislatures and their decision to even consider such resolutions. They should also consider getting an editor and a fact checker, preferably someone who can explain the difference between astronomical and astrological (well, mainly South Dakota should consider that).

But state legislatures are pretty comically awful all around (as far as I can tell). See here and here. (note: Gail Collins is perhaps the best New York Times op-ed writer EVAR).

Moving to more sober things, NASA’s Goddard Institute of Space Studies (GISS) has a bunch of useful stuff to look at regarding the science aimed at understanding the Earth’s climate:

NASA, Goddard Page

NASA GISS, Gavin Schmidt Explains Climate Models

And finally, as if out of some sort of cosmic conspiracy to make Frontiers look extremely relevant, here is a DISCOVER magazine article about George Will and the need for some serious fact-checking:

DISCOVER, More Bad Science from George Will

And an article that discusses a recent comprehensive Nature review of the state of hurricane science, as it relates to climate change. The conclusion: it’s messy but there are hints that we should worry.

TNR, Hurricane Study


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