End of the Astro Unit

To mark the end of the astronomy unit, here are a number of articles that are of interest:

Hubble’s Ultra Deep Field has been updated:

NYTimes, Deep

One physicist’s ideas about how time travel would have to work (no killing your own grandfather!):

Discover, Time Travel

WMAP is examining the Cosmic Microwave Background with enormous precision. Certain aspects of cosmology–like details about the Universe’s inflationary period–were hoped to be discovered. Unfortunately, the Universe is very good at hiding her secrets…

WMAP, When Science Is Too Successful

This is a really useful video about results from the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider:

Gizmodo, RHIC

Also, there are always articles connected to Earth an the climate coming out.

Mother Jones, Free Lunch
Nature News, Climate Controversey
TNR, Gates on Climate


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