An Accumulation of Interesting Things

Forests appear to be providing an important global ecosystem service:

NYTimes: Trees, Timber, and Global Warming

Newsweek: Carbon Farming (Columbia’s own Don Melnick is featured prominently in this!)

And while we’re talking about plants…

NYTimes: Plants Are Really Cool

The LHC has started smashing things together (finally!). The world appears to still be here (this may be a selection effect). Records have already been broken:


Hopefully the LHC will yield evidence for what dark matter is. CDMS is another experiment that’s been attempting to…recent results are somewhere between 1 and 2 sigma (not statistically significant enough). How tantalizing!

Berkeley: CDMSII

Maybe there’s something alive down there on Mars afterall?

EurekAlert: Methane in Mars’ Atmosphere

Speaking of the atmosphere, here are some articles worth reading regarding the phony hullabaloo surrounding the climate E-mails:


Popular Mechanics


Turning to where Brain and Behavior meets math we find that humans have a very hard time thinking probabilistically:

NYTimes: It’s Just Not Worth It (Unless You Win)!

NYTimes: The Uphill Battle for Evidence Based Medicine

And finally, an article from a while back on religion and science:

NYTimes: Evolution and Religion


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